` Guidelines for Registration of NGO in WBPCB

Guidelines for Registration of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB)

  1. Criteria for Registration of NGOs:

The criteria for the registration for NGOs with WBPCB are as follows:

  1. Any NGO who is willing to work with the Board may apply by using this aforesaid enlistment form through out the year.
  2. The Board will not issue any new enlistment or renewal certificate/letter to any NGO further.
  3. Only name of the NGOs along with their communication detail will be incorporated in Board's website.
  4. The State Board will continue to share information / experience with the listed NGOs.
  5. The State Board may take help from the listed NGOs to disseminate / distribute environmental news /campaign materials.
  1. Review:
  1. The Board may, from time to time, review and modify guidelines for Registration of NGOs and their interaction with WBPCB.
  2. The Board, on reference from any affected party, and for good and sufficient reasons, may review and modify this regulation.
  1. Interpretation:

In case of disputes regarding interpretation of any of the provisions of this Regulation, the decision of the Board shall be final and binding.

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