Date of Order : 08.08.2003

Writ Petition No. 1442 of 2001 [Pradip Sancheti & Ors., Petitioners Vs Union of India & Ors., Respondents]

This instant public interest litigation highlighted about the pollution caused by the plastic carry bags.

Hon'ble Court observes that a number of states like Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Union Territories like Andaman Nicobar Islands and Delhi have framed the necessary enactments in order to prevent the use of plastic bags at public places so as to hazards to the environment.

Considering the fact that West Bengal Pollution Control Board has passed order prohibiting the use of plastic carry bags in ten number of tourists' spots and heritage places and entire Sunderban Areas, Coastal Regulation Zones and Hilly Areas of Darjeeling District and entire Forests Areas in West Bengal Hon'ble Court considered the fact that such prohibition will not solve the problem. Hon'ble Court further directed if the state Government in exercise of its power acts in the line of other states like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh then only this problem will be solved.