Date of Order : 20.09.2002

Pursuant to Writ Petition No.2062 of 1999
G.A. No.1798 of 2001
CAN No.1605 of 2002 (S.M.Ghosh Vs. Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Ors.).

This writ petition is relating to automobile pollution in the city of Kolkata. In pursuance of the Hon’ble Court’s Order, Expart Committee, as constituted by the Hon’ble Court submitted a detailed report in the matter. On 20-09-2002, Hon’ble Court was pleased to direct all the parties to give their reaction, with regard to preparing an action plan for age of vehicles, which cover private, commercial vehicles and buses. Hon’ble Court further directed that parties may also give their suggestions with regard to the functioning of the auto emission test centres and also with regard to stopping of unauthorized plying of three wheelers.